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Trarego Viggiona Lago Maggiore Italy
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Ihr Urlaub am Lago Maggiore
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Karte Trarego Viggiona

“La Conca Verde” von Trarego Viggiona

(Trarego 770 m.ü.M. – Viggiona 650 m.ü.M. /330 Einwohner)

lies on a large plateau – geological remembrance of the glaciers and the ancient river whose erosion has shaped the shores of the Lago Maggiore of today – above Cannero Riviera on the slopes of Monte Carza. The commune includes the hamlets of Trarego, Cheglio and Viggiona and many other small settlings, which in former times where used as “Maiensäss” or summer alps. During the warm season it is magnificently fresh because of the height difference between mountains and lake shores: a mild, gentle breeze is always blowing. In the winter time the low humidity rate guarantees clean and dry air and also an increase in sunshine.

The region invites you to take a walk, search for mushrooms and mountain biking: immediately above the villages you will reach vast chestnut woods with lots of mountain brooks and fascinating water falls. There are signed hiking trails and challenging biking trails.

A special excursion: by car, bicycle, motor bike or on foot on the mountain road from Cheglio over Colle up to Intra. From here you will enjoy magnificent views over wide parts of the Lago Maggiore and the surrounding mountains.

But the most beautiful view on clear autumn days offers the Monte Zeda (2’156 m): from his cross-topped peak the view wanders across the whole Lago Maggiore, the nature reserve “Valgrande”, the many small lakes around the Verbano (Lago d’Orta, Mergozzo, Varese, Monate), the Po plain up to the Ligurian alps and the mountain chain of the Apennines.

The “old” church of Viggiona, surrounded by its peaceful cemetery, is a national monument from Roman times (original building from the 14th century, reconstruction in the 16th century) with precious frescoes, which unfortunately cannot be visited. The “new” baroque church of Viggiona was consecrated in 1697.

The church of San Martino in Trarego was built in the 17th century and its former cemetery is the most beautiful “balcony” with view of the underlying roofs, the “campagna” (the flat hay meadows) and the lake.

Bus lines to Verbania and Brissago through Cannero Riviera (two/three times a day)

Train connections: Verbania Fondotoce (Milan – Simplon), Locarno (Gotthard line), Luino (Bellinzona – Milan).

 Shopping possibilities: alimentary shops in Trarego and Viggiona, patisserie, small weekly street market on Wednesday.