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Affitti vacanze a Cannero Lago Maggiore - Trails trekking bicycle mountainbike
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Bike trails Cannero Riviera and Lago Magiore

bike mtb Cannero-Bivio Carza

From: Cannero (235 m)
To: Bivio Carza (790 m)
Distance: andata 6,23 km andata ritorno 12,45 km
Altimetry: anello 567 m anello 555m
Average slope grade: 9,74% (5,82 km)


bike mtb Cannero-Cannobina-Centovalli-Locarno-Cannero

From: (234 m)
To: (236 m)
Distance: anello 81,06 km
Altimetry: anello 1.731 m anello 774m
Average slope grade: 4,31% (40,16 km)


bike mtb Cannero-Cannobina-Vigezzo-Domodossola-Verbania-Cannero

From: (206 m)
To: (227 m)
Distance: anello 109,98 km
Altimetry: anello 1.381 m anello 769m
Average slope grade: 2,58% (53,58 km)


bike mtb Cannero-M.te Ologno

From: Cannero (235 m)
To: M.te Ologno (1.181 m)
Distance: andata 10,33 km andata ritorno 20,66 km
Altimetry: anello 968 m anello 945m
Average slope grade: 9,97% (9,71 km)


bike mtb Cannero-Ologno-Colle-Verbania-Cannero

From: (197 m)
To: (197 m)
Distance: anello 53,50 km
Altimetry: anello 1.626 m anello 1.103m
Average slope grade: 6,45% (25,21 km)


bike mtb Cannobio-Gurro

From: Cannobio (223 m)
To: Gurro (813 m)
Distance: andata 16,04 km andata ritorno 32,07 km
Altimetry: anello 1.207 m anello 596m
Average slope grade: 12,25% (9,85 km)


trekking bike mtb Ciclabile Cannobio (Carlina)

Level: T
From: (198 m)
To: (198 m)
Time: 1h44'
Distance: anello 7,90 km
Altimetry: anello 237 m anello 85m
Average slope grade: 6,12% (3,87 km)


trekking bike mtb Ciclabile Cannobio (fiume)

Level: T
From: (198 m)
To: (198 m)
Time: 1h28'
Distance: anello 7,47 km
Altimetry: anello 156 m anello 48m
Average slope grade: 4,35% (3,59 km)


bike mtb Verbania-Cicogna

From: Verbania (197 m)
To: Cicogna (729 m)
Distance: andata 15,69 km andata ritorno 31,38 km
Altimetry: anello 1.097 m anello 533m
Average slope grade: 11,57% (9,48 km)